Short Stories

I’ve been writing short stories lately. I’m in a kind of exploratory phase. Working in a shorter format allows me try out new ideas, then evaluate the results more quickly.   Some of the stories feature Kirbi Mack, the central character in my San Diego…

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New Short Story

          A CHAT IN THE COFFEE SHOP by B.B. Teeter A Kirbi Mack Story © 2019 B.B. Teeter         The traffic on the 5 North from San Diego was surprisingly sparse. Kirbi Mack listened to an audiobook as…

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Bookstore Days BB Teeter

Bookstore Days

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I worked for a time in brick-and-mortar bookstores. Actually, it could be said I worked in five of them. Because two of the stores expanded their operations and moved to larger locations while I was in their employ. The…

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